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Were you active before your accident? Do you want to travel, run marathons or simply enjoy a leisurely stroll again? If so, the team at Specialized Spine Care can help you find back pain relief.

Based in St Cloud, MN, our physical therapy clinic is one of the first places area residents visit after sustaining an injury. Call 320-253-5385 now to find out how we can help you feel better.

Neck and back injury specialists

Our lead physical therapist has encountered all kinds of injuries over her career. At Physicians Neck & Back Clinics of Central Minnesota, she helped countless accident victims and chronic pain sufferers regain strength and confidence. Today, she continues to provide individualized neck pain relief and spine care at this family-run practice.

Get access to the best equipment in the industry

Physical therapy involves strengthening specific muscle groups to alleviate pain - easier said than done. Fortunately, MedX equipment makes it easy to...

Isolate back and neck muscles
Prevent the body from compensating due to pain
Correct certain issues without the need for invasive procedures

We've equipped our practice with the latest MedX machinery to help our patients heal faster. Contact us today to work with a leading neck and spine care provider in St Cloud, MN and surrounding areas.

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