How is physical therapy treatment here different from other physical therapy clinics?

The main difference with the treatment in this clinic is that MedX strengthening equipment is used to isolate the spinal muscles by eliminating the ability of the surrounding muscle from compensating. This allows us to strengthen the muscles directly along the spine instead of strengthening the muscles that we use to compensate when the spinal muscles are weak.


I work out and lift weights consistently. How can my spine be weak?

Working out is definitely helpful, but there are very few exercise machines that effectively work the muscles the MedX machine do.


What are the MedX machines and why doesn't my gym have them?

They were developed in the 1970s by a team that included Arthur Jones, who created Nautilus and found that the Nautilus machines did not effectively strengthen the spinal muscles so he and his team found a way to do that. MedX is what resulted. These machines are quite large, expensive, and require someone to get you into and out of them and for that reason gyms do not use them.

Restraint System:Torso Rotation:
Cervical Extension:Cervical Rotation:


I have neck and/or back pain and you want me to lift weights with those muscles?

Yes. Those are the muscles that have gotten weak over time and need to be re-strengthened. Your workouts in these machine will always be under direct supervision by our staff and because of the extra stabilization and how the weights can be adjusted, it is a safe way to build spinal strength even in areas that are in pain.


Won't that increase my pain?

Any new exercise program will increase muscle soreness and you should expect that will happen with this too. Since we are working an area that is already painful, it is also not uncommon to get an increase in symptoms the first couple weeks until the muscles adapt to the increase in movement and demand. This will always be closely monitored by our staff. There is truth the adage of "no pain, no gain", but it has to be the right kind of pain. Believe it or not, there are quite a few patients who say their symptoms are significantly reduced after working out their spine out because it increases the blood flow to the joints and muscles in the area.


What is "cash based PT"?

Cash only physical therapy occurs when the clinic bills that patient directly rather than billing the patient's insurance. Payment is then made at the time of the physical therapy visit by the patient. This takes out the "middle man" and allows the therapist and patient decide what will work best to treat the patient without the extra influence of the insurance company. It also allows the clinic to charge a flat fee for a visit with that charge being significantly less than when having to bill through insurance. For example, one 45 minute visit for an established patient when billing through insurance often totals $240, but one visit at this clinic for a 45-60 minute appointment is only $105.


Can my insurance be billed instead?

The clinic has not contracted with any private insurance companies so we cannot send bills to them. However, other than Medicare, Medicare Advantage plans, and Medicaid plans many insurance companies will reimburse for cash based physical therapy as along as proper documentation and coding of each treatment exists. This bill will be created for each patient after each visit, called a 'superbill", and that can then be submitted to insurance. The insurance company will then determine how much they will reimburse based on their Out of Network Benefits.


I have Medicare. Can I just pay completely out of pocket?

Unfortunately not. Physical therapists cannot "opt out" of Medicare. Without a signed contract with Medicare, physical therapy services cannot be provided at all, even out of pocket. However, wellness services can be provided because they are not medically necessary and do not require a skilled professional to provide those services.