See What Our Past Patients Have To Say!

The staff at Specialized Spine Care was amazing. This was my second time back in the last four years and they are truly invested in their patients care and progress. They individualize each care plan based on the patients need and work to achieve the goals laid out in those plans. They are flexible with scheduling and always communicate well with scheduled appointments. I would recommend Specialized Spine Care for anyone looking for physical therapy on neck and back related issues.

Terry Seifert

I was in an MVA early Feb 2022. I hurt my back and neck which affected my daily life considerably. I had a trip planned for end of June to Alaska and was nervous I wouldn't be able to do the things we planned due to my injuries. I started at SSC in March and went for about 3 months and it was the best decision ever!! They helped me get rid of all of my pain and strengthened my neck and back! I had an amazing time in Alaska hiking, fishing, kayaking and even with the long flight, my back and neck felt great!!!!!!!!! Thanks SSC!!!

Christine Nordmark

I was on modified duties/restrictions for a work injury. After 4.5 months of trying different types of therapies, I was referred here. I started the program with pain levels of about 7/10 in my lower back. after 6.5 weeks (going twice weekly) I am not experiencing pain and I have been lifted from my restrictions!! These girls push you to meet your goals. Everyone was so friendly. I will actually miss going to these appointments but I will continue the work on my own at the gym! I highly recommend giving Specialized Spine Care a try!

Amanda Rae Allen

Great program with amazing equipment. I genuinely felt much better after completing this program for back and neck therapy. Staff is skilled and friendly, and scheduling is much easier to get into. Clean and open but private facilities.

Nick C

Leeann Nelson